• Dinge-Geschichten

      Dinge-Geschichten / Thing Stories 东西故事 This book is part of the artistic research project ‘The Things are Us, We are the Things’ that deals with the theme of culturally coded objects. Ten mysterious but typical German everyday-life objects were brought to China and vice versa. These objects were temporarily ‘adopted’ by people in the respective […]

  • Bojing Style: Poster Design Call

    Pretty posters designed by Chinese fans of Hanyi Fonts for Chinese Mid-autumn Moon Festival in September.

  • Exhibition Vernissage

    Impressions from the charming opening of the exhibition “German Things, Chinese Things” at the Confucius Institute Leipzig.

  • random tours

      random tours – 20 places in Berlin & Shanghai RT is a transurban project that deals with the theme of interdependency between people and places. I spent 3 months finding inhabitants of Shanghai and Berlin on the street, who described one personal place in the city to me and told me the stories behind […]

  • Amid beautiful Landscapes

      Amid beautiful Landscapes 山水间 ‘Amid beautiful Landscapes’ reflects the dialogue between ink-painted landscapes in contemporary style by the Chinese artist Lili Yuan and classical Chinese poems from the ancient Tang Dynasties. At the same time, the book is a language learning book that introduces foreign readers to classical Chinese poetry. The typographer Roman Wilhelm […]

  • überfunktion

      überfunktion The book presents unconventional approaches to architecture and society: Various architects, artists, and theorists gathered for an exhibition called ‘überfunktion’ in Aedes Gallery, Berlin. The text follows a grid system, while certain passages have hyperlinks that work as connections within the book. The paper graphics illustrate the experimental and interdisciplinary method: from abstract […]