Studio Wu offers intercultural design consulting, training and creative workshops for institutions and companies. Do you want to discover more about the aesthetic world of the Middle Kingdom than simply the famous dragon? We provide insights into the universe of Chinese visual codes which transport culturally inherited values: colour and number symbols, the importance of naming as well as the specifics of Chinese characters and multilingual typography.

We believe that curiosity and respect for the unknown are essential for good intercultural communication and a face-to-face encounter a source of creative innovation. Special focus on the following topics:

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Corporate Design & Multilingual Typography

Studio Wu helps you to adapt western corporate design to a Chinese audience and developing strategic visual communication concepts. Besides reading Chinese characters, another challenge in designing for the Chinese target group is to choose a Chinese font which matches the Latin font. Due to our collaboration with Chinese foundries, we are equipped with the latest modern Chinese fonts as well as the “classics”.

Milla & Partner, Stuttgart – typographic consultancy for the German Expo Pavilion “Balancity”, 2010

Audi AG – a typographic urban workshop on “TypoShanghai” in 2011 for the Audi design team in Shanghai (together with Shanghai Flaneur Roman Wilhelm)

Cultural Coded Objects

What is a Chinese thing? Discover particular parts and habits of everyday life in China via intercultural training with culturally coded objects. The creative approach with mysterious “typical” Chinese things sensitises you to the functionality of things and their cultural backgrounds. The creative method is based on the project “The Things are Us, We are the Things”. This workshop is particularly suitable for a get-together of Chinese & German participants as a reciprocal way of exchange and learning, or for people working in the field of product design.

Client: Robert Bosch Stiftung, “Chinese Things & German Things”, workshop for
the China-Trainee-Programme, 2014

On Demand

Custom-tailored workshops and creative intercultural training for companies and institutions