The book presents unconventional approaches to architecture and society: Various architects, artists, and theorists gathered for an exhibition called ‘überfunktion’ in Aedes Gallery, Berlin. The text follows a grid system, while certain passages have hyperlinks that work as connections within the book. The paper graphics illustrate the experimental and interdisciplinary method: from abstract lines to concrete paper models. It visualises the abstract process of ideas becoming material.

Work: cooperate design, book design, paper illustrations
Publisher: AEDES, Berlin, 2007
Author: Nadin Heinich – Plan A & Nadine Jerchau
Client: töchter und söhne Agency Berlin, creative direction by Judith Keller
160 pages | 17.5 cm x 18 cm | offset print with two colours
ISBN: 978-3-937093-85-7

Awarded with “one of the most beautiful German books/eines der schönsten deutschen Bücher 2009″– Stiftung Buchkunst.