Citymakers Walkshop: Sensing, Drawing and Creating the Kiez

A drawing “walkshop” held in Studio Wu during the Sino-German Citymakers Meeting in September 2016 (by Robert Bosch Foundation). This conference is part of the CityMakers – STADTMACHER China – Deutschland program.

– How can we record and map the complexity of a vivid Berlin “Kiez” like Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain throw the media of drawing?

– Which places offer creative potentials for ideas to improvelive in the neighborhood?

A group of „Citymakers“ were discovering a designated area of 2 square kilometers of Kiez by pencils and paper in four groups focusing on different topics. The  study field study sketches help us as a tool to perceive urban structures in a more profund way. Furthermore, we were searching for places with development potential for different inhabitant groups. Our creative solutions of urban interventions have also been visualized on paper.

Visual impressions from the Citymakers Conference and the Drawing Walkshop can be found here.