Citymakers on a diplomatic mission

Life is full of surprises, a big one was a call from the cultural department of the foreign
ministry of Germany.

As artistic director of the Sino-german Stadtmacher 城市创者 (Citymakers) program, I felt greatly honored to be part of the cultural delegation of our foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on his 1 day journey to Beijing, where we were attending a bilateral „People-to-People“-Dialogue held by the Chinese ministry.

A side-program was contributed by the Citymakers:
The cultural delegation, accompanied by the cultural department of the Germany Embassy, was invited to a summer-walk through Sanlitun, where „Citymakers“ architect Binke Lenhardt and her collegue Sidonie Kade from Crossboundaries showed us their studio and the creative globalized spots and local Chinese sites reflecting the contrasts of the City. I’ve prepared a small artistic task for the group for better „sensing the city“. We were all tired from jetlag, however the mood was good:-).

Picture 6: © German Embassy Beijing