random tours – 20 places in Berlin & Shanghai

RT is a transurban project that deals with the theme of interdependency between people and places. I spent 3 months finding inhabitants of Shanghai and Berlin on the street, who described one personal place in the city to me and told me the stories behind it. Do the Shanghainese treat
their places differently than Berlin residents? Finally, I selected and visited 20 places in each city according to the random principle.

Every place was visualised according to the principle of reduction. They were arranged on two walls according to their geographical location and as representative random maps of the cities. Inspired by the Situationists’ “Psychogeography”, graphics on the ground showing the overlapping of the places in both cities supplemented the installation.

There is a little book which guides the visitors through the installation. You find the stories behind the places with details about their ‘owners’ and personal statements here. The blue part is about Shanghai, the city by the sea,, and the green part about Berlin, the city full of trees.

Work: urban field studies, installation in space, book design
Diploma thesis project, UdK Berlin 2008

* shown in the exhibition “City Moves” in the Gallery ConForm Architects, Berlin 2010 (supported by the Goethe Institute) and the Center for Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2012

* Awarded with “Lili-Preis 2009” for women designers.