Citymakers China – Germany 中徳城市创者

CITYMAKERS China – Germany/STADTMACHER China – Deutschland 中徳城市创者 aims at creating a transcultural network for livable cities. Co-initiated by Robert Bosch Foundation and CONSTELLATIONS, the program has been kicking-off with a first meet-up forum at the end of September 2016 in Berlin.

Studio Wu has been commissioned with the creation of the visual identity for the program. The basic design principle is inspired by DIY style stamp art – for spontaneous urban interventions and get-together in a joyful and balanced city.

Read the first Stadtmacher-Blatt online.

Work: Visual Identity, Illustrations, Magazine Design, Interior Decoration
Client: Constellations Shanghai
Year: 2016

Photography: 4–7 by Jan Siefke, 9 by Julia Knop