Life on Lands / Life under Water

A project promoting the topic of biodiversity are the digital Actionbound Games “Life under Water/Leben unter Wasser” and “Life on Land/Leben an Land”, for which Studio Wu has been commissioned by Goethe Institute China for the creation of  illustrations/animations.

Young and old are welcome to play the edutainment game on Tabloid/Phone for free and learn more about ecosystems under water and on land – in Chinese or German Language. A biodiversity adventure with many missions, questions and challenges awaits you…

The games concept and educational content has been designed by Forum für nachhaltige Visionen in Aktion (Forum ViA). Thanks for the wonderful creative ladies team in the Studio – Estefania Cadena (animation part) and Milena Bolland (graphical support)

How to get the games:
You can download the game instructions and find access to the game here
Chinese Language &  German Language

For more information:
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