Mystical plants – riso book edition

Size: 22cm x 10,5cm, 2 booklets with 22 pages each
Paper: Biotop 130g
Languages: Japanese, Chinese & German
Technique: Inc illustration on Riso-Print with 3 soy-based colors | 2020
Binding: backstitch binding (handmade)
Design & Illustration: Maki Shimizu & Yi Meng Wu

Artist Edition of 70 pieces. Prize: 20 Euro.

Together with the Japanese illustration artist Maki Shimizu 清水麻纪, Yi Meng Wu 吴祎萌 has started a plant drawing project: the Japanese artist gave the Chinese artist mysterious plant names from Japan and vice versa. Many strange plants have evolved from their imagination, forming a cultural and linguistic dialogue between Japan and China. The books are printed on high-quality biotope 130g paper in the MELOMELO Riso Print workshop of Maki Shimizu and Thomas Monses. Each copy is hand-bound – 100% Made in Berlin with Heart.

The book consists of two booklets, which come together through an envelope cover: in one booklet you can find Japanese fantasy plants, drawn by Yi Meng Wu and in the second book are Chinese fantasy plants, drawn by Maki Shimizu.

The book has been featured by famous garden blogger and author Carolin Engwert on Hauptstadtgarten.