Unbinding bodies exhibition

Studio Wu was honored to create the whole communication media including book design, visual identity and the exhibition graphic design of the exhibition “UnBinding Bodies – Lotos Shoes and Corset starting from 09.09.2022–26.02.2023 – in MARKK Museum Hamburg and from 23.03.2023–31.08.2023 in Tieranatomisches Theater of Humbold University Berlin.

The topic is the painful cultural practice of “footbinding” in ancient China  – intertwined with the complexity of European colonialism in China and the raise of emancipatory movement in China and Europe. Thanks to the sensitive work of curators Evke Rulffes, Jasmin Mersmann, Felix Sattler, who brought the women and their voices into focus.

Work: Graphic Design, Editorial Design & Exhibition Graphics, 2022–2023
Scenography: Caspar Pichner
Museum Photography: Paul Schimweg, ©MARKK Museum
Client: Humbold University Berlin, MARKK Museum Hamburg