Edition t. – limited artist edition t.

An exquisite collaboration with „taschengeist“ – a sophisticated bag label from Hamburg – leads to the Studio Wu 無 bag „Faye 菲“ from edition t. which is the union of German traditional leather craftsmanship and Chinese calligraphy art. The phrase “風月無邊, 庭草交翠” on the bag comes from Chinese philosopher Zhu Xi 朱熹 (11th century) and means “Endless Moon and Wind, The grass in the garden is emerald green. The design of the script is inspired by the delicate grace of grass connecting with our ecological challenges.

100% handmade and naturally tanned with plants by a leather workshop in south Germany lead in fourth generation – celebrating the meticulous timeless craftsmanship in eco-conscious luxury.

Discover the artistry and sustainability of edition.t – an limited artist edition of 100 x pieces here. Each masterpiece comes with a artist riso print (printed in Berlin by Melomelo Print). You can explore the collection online here.

Work: lettering art for bag design, 2022
Client: taschengeist, Hamburg
Fashion Shooting: Feipeng Jiang