Mystical plants – riso book edition

Size: 22cm x 10,5cm, 2 booklets with 22 pages each
Paper: Biotop 130g
Languages: Japanese, Chinese & German
Technique: Inc illustration on Riso-Print with 3 soy-based colors | 2018
Binding: backstitch binding (handmade)
Design & Illustration: Maki Shimizu & Yi Meng Wu

Limited Artist Edition of 50 pieces. Prize: 20 Euro.

Together with the Japanese illustration artist Maki Shimizu 清水麻纪, Yi Meng Wu 吴祎萌 has started a plant drawing project: the Japanese artist gave the Chinese artist mysterious plant names from Japan and vice versa. Many strange plants have evolved from their imagination, forming a cultural and linguistic dialogue between Japan and China. The books are printed on high-quality biotope 130g paper in the MELOMELO Riso Print workshop of Maki Shimizu and Thomas Monses. Each copy is hand-bound – 100% Made in Berlin with Heart.

The book consists of two booklets, which come together through an envelope cover: in one booklet you can find Japanese fantasy plants, drawn by Yi Meng Wu and in the second book are Chinese fantasy plants, drawn by Maki Shimizu.