2021 is gonna be better, with perseverance, patience and power from the metal ox, which helps us to overcome the difficult times...

  • Interview „Bookdesign between china & germany“

    Many thanks to Silvan Hagenbrock – online editor, urbanist  and film maker for Goethe Institute China – for the nice interview portrait feature in the Studio where I speak about design and bookmaking between China and Europe.


    Studio Wu 無 is glad to be the design partner of this program funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung, lead by CONSTELLATIONS since 2015. Now, 5 years funding is coming to an end and we had two days of harvest insights and celebration in Berlin.

  • Alter Schwede Exhibition

    Northern lights are the motto of the cultural summer Rhineland-Pfalz 2020. 9 artists from Germany show their art sparring with 9 unknown Scandinavian works. Here you can see the creative dialogue with an oil painting by swedish artist Gunnar Nordström which resulted in a paper cut installation.

  • SECOND Edition „Made in China“

    The second edition of the book "made in china" is out! We wanted you to like the book so much that the first edition is already sold out!  Congratulations to the author Lea Schneider and our editor Verlagshaus.

  • Ladies Wine & Design

    Creative ladies from Asia, Europe, South America working in different fields gathered together at STUDIO WU 無 for a LADIES, WINE & DESIGN salon night and enjoyed an inspiring evening with great discussions on intercultural design and female empowerment.

  • Les caractères vivants – Musée de Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois, Lyon

    I am very excited to bring back the story of „Yaotao’s Zeichen /里昂的汉字/ Les caractères vivants“ to the historical place where everything has begun – with a solo exhibition in Musée of Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois in Lyon, France.

  • Sehnsucht sucht Heimat – Exhibition in Sankt Martin

    An Exhibition till November 11th, about „Heimat“ (engl.: Home) – an artistic sparring with artist Anja Roth in Atelier Rothpauser in beautiful wine village Sankt Martin (Rhineland-Palatinate) .

  • Drawings from East & West – Sino-German Picture Salon

    A Sino-German Picture Salon in Berlin Rudolf11 Space hosted by Dooogs Berlin & Berlin and Studio Wu 無 with books from illustration teachers from Nanjing Fine Arts Institute and artists from Berlin attracted many booklovers.

  • „Reading the Traces of a Place“ – Citymakers Discovery Walkshop in Drahndorf

    Surrounded by the sound of morning birds, a group of citymakers gathered around 7am in Drahnsdorf in April, ready for an artistic discovery with the help of a booklet called „Reading the Traces of Places“.